• Create an account = +20 Poochie Points
  • Make a purchase  = 1 Poochie Point per £1.00 spent
  • Share us on Facebook = +15 Poochie Points
  • Tweet about us = +10 Poochie Points
  • Like us on Facebook = +10 Poochie Points
  • Follow us on Twitter = +5 Poochie Points
  • Follow us on Instagram = +10 Poochie Points
  • Refer a friend = +50 Poochie Points


  • Collar Flashing Safety Light  - Cost 30 Poochie Points
  • 10% Off your order  - Cost 50 Poochie Points
  • £10 Poochie Voucher Code - Cost 100 Poochie Points

How It Works

  • Members can spend points to redeem rewards or save them up towards a reward at a higher points cost.
  • You can only use one reward discount code at checkout at a time.
  • As soon as a reward is redeemed, your points balance is adjusted, removing the points cost. A unique reward coupon code is generated and displayed, ready to use. 
  • You can use your discount code now, or save it for later. 
  • Members can view their unused code at any time in the Poochie Rewards Tab and in your rewards email.
  • Once the code is used, it will be removed from your account. 

How To Redeem A Reward

To check your points, click on "Check Your Poochie Rewards" on the Help Menu

To redeem a reward and get a unique reward coupon code, simply click Redeem on the reward you want to redeem. 

Here you can copy your unique code, ready to use at check out. 

You can then enter the unique coupon code into the Discount Field and click Apply

The discount will be applied to the sale.

To redeem a gift/product, please remember to add it to your shopping cart first. The item will be discounted when the code is applied.



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